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Book Review: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Written by Jessica Schneider
Published January 11, 2009
Lolita. Itís been on my to read pile for a while now. It is a novel that, with reputation and all, stands as one of the Modern Libraryís 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth Century. Not that I appeal to authority, but given the bookís literary presence, in no way do I think Lolita qualifies as one of the 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth Century. Itís a good book certainly, but much of its reputation, I have to believe, is due to the controversial subject matter for its day, as well as critics cribbing from one another their overpraise for the book.
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Jessica Schneider is the book editor of Monsters & Critics as well as the only member to her only blog http://www.jaschneider.blogspot.com and a co-founder of www.Cosmoetica.com

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