L. Hochard: I agree with Joseph Aisenberg that even if HH had kept CQ's name unchanged out of vindictiveness, JRay would have suppressed it, so that
the pun on my cue/ my Q remains unexplained, or was never intended.But as I see it, the contradiction this pun would seem to reveal  needn't be solved since John Ray is but a ghost who rapidly fizzles out.
JM: I don't have Nabokov's English "Speak, Memory"  here, but  Nabokov informs, in the Foreword to his Memoirs, that various names in them shall be changed to avoid hurting the feelings of those who are alive and to avoid disturbing the dead ( he adds that the altered names will appear in the Index, for his own convenience, with inverted commas ...) A nice contrast with HH. Shade also introduced substantial changes in his poem...
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