Sandy Klein : Suzy Menkes,February 2, 2010. Jewels ...were shown last week in an haute couture initiative...Butterflies were the message from Van Cleef & Arpels...incorporated the message of metamorphosis ...the underlying sensuality, epitomized by the author Vladimir Nabokov and his dual fascination with butterflies and young girls.Without contemplating the myths behind the winged treasures...aso
JM: Just for the fun of a reminder, VN wrote in (ADA) about "how incestuously  insects and art meet and... the myth behind the moth"
Stan Kelly-Bootle: TLS, Feb 9, 2010, pp 19-20. Review by Bharat Tandon of Martin Amis’s The Pregnant Widow (Cape):  “To depict protagonists who aren’t wholly aware of the genre of the story they are in has long been a staple of Amis’s ironic art, and one of his notable inheritances from the Nabokov of Despair and Pale Fire.”...I hope Mikhail Efimov’s web-cite is not a typo! It’s delightfully Nabokovian...Does Salinger rhyme with Malinger?
JM: Why the prejudice against Salinger?
A. Sklyarenko: Because in his "Annotations" Boyd doesn't mention uncle Ruka who, like Van, managed to cheat a cheater in a poker game...[...]"the violent dance called kurva or ‘ribbon boule’..." kurva ("whore") = rukav ("sleeve"). Tatarin ("a tartar"), a character in Gorky's At the Bottom, exclaims: Karta rukav soval! ("you've put the card in your sleeve!"), as he accuses Satin of cheating in a card game [...]'ribbon boule' hints at "Moscow's ribbon of boulevards,"... Van: "Have you read any of Mlle Larivière's stories? Well, you will. She thinks that in some former Hindooish state she was a boulevardier in Paris; and writes accordingly" (1.8)...The Russian word for boule is shar (which also means "sphere," globe") - Shar + ada = sharada ("charade"). I suspect, I managed to solve Nabokov's difficult charade in Ada.
JM: Lo and behold... What a delightful posting with winged treasures in Sklyarenko's elyptical progress. A.S never ceases to amaze me. 
btw: there is also a vrai off-center link bt.Mlle Ida, glassy fountains in Mount Ida and Mount Parnassus. 
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