This year's election was necessarily delayed because of the moving forward of the Modern Languages Association's annual meetings, from late December to January, and the timing of the Nabokov Upside Down Conference, held in New Zealand during the second week of January. Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, current President of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, is now completing her two-year term of office. She is succeeded by Stephen Blackwell, the current vice-president, who will become President of the Society for a two-year term, 2012-2014. Our by-laws require an election for the vacated office of Vice President.

This year, the nominating committee has put forward two distinguished Nabokovians for the office of Vice President. (The Vice President's principal duties are to serve as liaison to the Modern Languages Association and to organize the annual session(s) that the Society sponsors at the MLA.) Their brief resumes follow.

Only Society members in good standing are eligible to vote. If you would like to join the Society in order to cast your vote, see information at the end of this message.


Please vote by forwarding this e-mail to Susan Elizabeth Sweeney ( after writing either "LINK" or "DURANTAYE" in the subject line.

The deadline is January 22, 2012.




Leland de la Durantaye is the Gardner Cowles Associate Professor of English at Harvard University. He is the author of Style is Matter: The Moral Art of Vladimir Nabokov (Cornell University Press, 2007) as well as “Bend Sinister’s Mad Dash or How to Impersonate an Anthropomorphic Deity” (in Revising Nabokov Revising, 2011), “Artistic Selection. Science and Art in Vladimir Nabokov” (in Transitional Nabokov, 2009), “The Artist and the Ape. On Luxuria and Lolita” (in the Nabokovian, 2008), “The Facts of Fiction, or the Figure of Vladimir Nabokov in W.G. Sebald” (in Comparative Literature Studies, 2008), “Kafka's Reality and Nabokov's Fantasy. On Dwarves, Saints, Beetles, Symbolism and Genius" (in Comparative Literature, 2007), “Lolita in Lolita, or the Garden, the Gate and the Critics” (in Nabokov Studies, 2006), “The Pattern of Cruelty and the Cruelty of Pattern in Vladimir Nabokov” (in The Cambridge Quarterly, 2006), “Eichmann, Empathy, and Lolita” (in Philosophy and Literature, 2006), and “Vladimir Nabokov and Sigmund Freud, or a Particular Problem” (in American Imago, 2005). He has written reviews of scholarly works on Nabokov, appeared on both Australian Public Radio and National Public Radio to discuss The Original of Laura, and contributed the entry on Nabokov in The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century American Fiction (Blackwell, 2011). At present he is the Holtzbrinck Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin.


Christopher A. Link (Ph.D., Boston University, 2005) is an Associate Professor of English at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where he teaches American literature, the Bible as literature, great books, and film. He also teaches a biennial senior seminar on “Nabokov and Intertextuality.” Professor Link’s article on Nabokov’s biblical intertexts, “Recourse to Eden: Tracing the Roots of Nabokov’s Adamic Themes,” is set to appear in the forthcoming issue of Nabokov Studies (Vol. 12, 2009/2010). Also forthcoming is an essay on Fassbinder’s film adaptation of Nabokov’s Despair (Literature/Film Quarterly, 2012) and an essay on the theme of “evil” in Pale Fire, for a volume of essays on Nabokov and morality. Dr. Link has published in The Nabokovian and has presented several papers at sessions sponsored by the International Vladimir Nabokov Society at annual meetings of the MLA. In 2011, he chaired the MLA-IVNS panel on “Nabokov and Readership.” He is currently revising his doctoral dissertation—a study of ethical and metaphysical aspects of Nabokov’s work entitled The Virtue of Devils: Vladimir Nabokov’s Phenomenology of the Demonic—into a book. Professor Link has been a member of the IVNS since 2001.




Membership Information


Membership in the Vladimir Nabokov Society is obtained through a subscription to the semi-annual publication, The Nabokovian. Subscriptions for individual members cost $19. (For postage to Canada, add $5.00; for postage anywhere else outside the US, add $12.) Checks, made payable to the Vladimir Nabokov Society, should be sent to: Vladimir Nabokov Society, Dept. Of Slavic Languages and Literatures, 2134 Wescoe Hll, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.

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