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алексей филимонов <>
Sun, 11 Mar 2012 20:39:46 +0400

Excuse me,
I want to share with subscribers of the Forum NABOKV-L the poem "the Heritage", devoted to Dmitry Nabokov that was born after his last arrival to St.-Petersburg. It is published in the newspaper "Prinevsky krai", № 144 p. 5 (6 March 2012), Gatchina area where there is Nabokovs` Rozhdestveno. 

Alexey Filimonov

Дмитрию Владимировичу

Беседа на излете жизни
co смертью, с веком, с пустотой.
Крыла раскинуты в отчизне -
лазоревой, подобной той,
где Дом возносит колоннаду
сквозь потаенную золу.
Гостей встречают Ван и Ада,
и Лужин за доской - в углу.

26 января 2004 г
-Alexey Filimonov

[EDNote: the full PDF of the issue was too large for the Listserver; I have therefore included only the poem. ~SB]
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