Dear Nabokovians,

Quite appropriate in the light of the latest controversy surrounding
VN's celebrated short story and its take-offs, ripoffs, and homages, I
am delighted to announce the publication of the following book on 7
June, 2012:

Anatomy of a Short Story. Nabokov's Puzzles, Codes, "Signs and Symbols"
Edited by Yuri Leving
Afterword by John Banville

Anatomy of a Short Story contains:

• the full text of “Signs and Symbols,” line numbered and
referenced throughout the book
• correspondence, most of it never before published, between
Nabokov and the editor of The New Yorker, where the story was first
• 33 essays of literary criticism on the story, bringing together
classic essays and new interpretations
• a round-table discussion in which a screenwriter, a theater
scholar, a mathematician, a psychiatrist, and a literary scholar bring
their perspectives to bear on "Signs and Symbols"

The full ToC is found here:

It is available on Amazon for $34.95 starting today:

Best wishes,

Dr. Yuri Leving
Chair, Department of Russian Studies
Dalhousie University
McCain Arts, 6135 University Ave.
PO BOX 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

T: (902) 494-3473
F: (902) 494-7848
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