Greetings, NabLers: I might as well confess that I have these past 10 days quietly resumed my duties at the helm, while SES takes a well-earned break from our weighty responsibility to you. 

Re: Carolyn's question below, I think the answer is in the poem: Nabokov must have seen the headline tacked to some English professor's door at Wellesley or Cornell.  For a similar collection of "real-life puns," see the U. of Chicago Philosophy Department's web site, which I happened upon just yesterday.  They have a dozen or more photographs of random signs that unwittingly (or sometimes wittingly) evoke great philosophical debates.



Carolyn Kunin <>
7/9/2013 1:33 PM
Vladimir Nabokov Forum <>

Dear Sandy,

What a great find - well, it's news to me anyway. Had no idea there really was a Chapman in baseball. Of course I was a Dodger girl and it all happened years before I was born. Can we be sure that VN was aware that his joke had reality to back it up? Was he even in the US in '38? I could look it up, but I should have been out the door hours ago.

best wishes from

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