I searched the archives and the web and I couldn't find info on this. Did I do my Pale Fire math wrong? I have an 81 card manuscript instead of 80. By my divisions, Canto One is made up of 14 index cards not 13 (I've attached a PDF of my Canto One divisions). (Fittingly, the fourteenth card contains only one line: "the wonder lingers and the shame remains).

Also, what are the thoughts on the lines like "A thread of subtle pain" or "That Englishman in Nice" or "Grim pen" -- lines which go unnumbered. What I mean by that is as follows: Line 130 of Pale Fire is: "I never bounced a ball or swung a bat." Line 139 is: "Bicycle tires." After that, it isn't the next line that's labeled 140, but the line after that one.
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