Barrie Karp: VN is mentioned in this article from NY Times 7/15/2015. [  ] I haven't read the book being reviewed (Oreo) but based on the review I could imagine the author's word play compared possibly to Philip Roth; in any case, something seems off, perhaps anachronistic (not necessarily in any version of linear time or of non-literary time) or from different cultural vectors, perhaps something else, in calling it "Nabokovian":


Jansy Mello: I quite agree with your criticism related to what’s  “Nabokovian” in the use of puns and glib wordplay. It must be an easy way to pose as a cultured person to drop Nabokov’s name here and there(this must be to bruit Nabokov?).

I’ve been enjoying this kind of  verbal abuse but outside literature. I hear it in various  American TV series, such as “White Collar” (yesterday they mentioned a new verb, something in the spirit of describing a verb as “Ronaldreaganing” something. I tend to forget them all, sorry). Some of the puns are actually better than some of Nabokov’s Manhattan paragraphs in ADA.

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