Dear Members of NABOKV-L:


Thanks to the indefatigable organizers of the “Do the Senses Make Sense?” conference under the aegis of the Société Française Vladimir Nabokov (aka Chercheurs Enchantés) in Biarritz, we have benefited from the rare opportunity of discussing in person the principles that will guide us in our duties as your new NABOKV-L moderators.


This message describes the code of ethics that will guide our future decisions regarding messages sent to us for release to the NABOKV-L.


All messages must show fidelity to the following principles:


a)    be on the subject of or have relevance to the writer Vladimir Nabokov or the scholarly discipline known as Nabokov Studies;

b)   if polemical or controversial, be written in the spirit of collegiality and generosity; moderators retain the right not to publish messages that contain offensive language or malicious intent.

c)    contributors are asked to send no more than one message per day.


We hope and trust that you will find these principles both fair and reasonable. Our aim is to advance the scholarly field of Nabokov Studies and nurture readers’ love for Nabokov’s writing in a way that is at once exciting, courteous, and sustainable.


Sincerely yours,


Dana Dragunoiu and Stanislav Shvabrin

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All private editorial communications are read by both co-editors.