One of the anagrams in my previous posts (“Teuton, petit topinambour, Caliban & Demonia in Ada”) should look like this:


Kaliban + tovar/otvar/avtor + Raduga = Kaluga + britva + ad/da + nora/Nora/Arno = Luga + kartina + voda + rab/bar = advokat + Bulgarin + Ara = Kordula + granit + zabava + ad/da - zad


avtor - author

Raduga - Rainbow

da - yes

Nora - Shock’s wife in VN’s story Kartofel’nyi elf (“The Potato Elf,” 1924)

Arno - river in Italy that flows through Florence

rab - slave

advokat - lawyer

Bulgarin - Fadey Bulgarin (1789-1859), the loathsome critic (also known as Figlyarin)

Ara - neotropical genus of macaws; The Altar, a southern constellation

Kordula - Cordula (in Russian spelling)

granit - granite

zabava - amusement, fun; game; pastime

zad - back; hind quarters; buttocks; cf. opershis’ zadom o granit (with bottom on the granit propped), a line in Pushkin’s epigram on the EO illustrations in The Nevski Almanac


Alexey Sklyarenko

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