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The pdf I sent in of Mr Goldwasser's catalogue didn't make it into the post. So here is a description of this incredible catalogue:

The Traub collection, put together over a forty-year span, includes both Russian and English first editions, contributions to books and periodicals from Nabokov’s years in Europe and America, many other significant editions, including translations into a variety of languages. There are working manuscripts for two interviews, and substantial correspondence, the majority dealing with writing and publishing.
Interesting provenances and presentation copies include books from Nabokov’s own library, gifts to Véra, books inscribed to scholars, publishers and other friends, review copies from the libraries of Graham Greene, V.S. Pritchett, John Updike and others.

The catalogue is arranged as follows, allowing for a few inconsistencies:

Manuscripts, letters, documents, Nos. 1-9
page1image9672 page1image9832
Books by Nabokov, including translations of his works and some adaptations and movie memorabilia, Nos. 10-232.

Books with contributions, 233-242

Periodicals with contributions, 243-253

Miscellaneous, 254 - end

There remains unlisted more paperback editions, and volumes of criticism or scholarship, please inquire if interested. 

Mr Goldwasser can be reached at

with regards to all from
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