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The sun rises... in the west?

Everyone who hasn't thought about it should take a look at the end of Pnin, where Jonathan Rowan has identified (with the help of a Lombardy poplar) the sun's strange trick of rising in the west on the novel's final morning.

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Classics from The Nabokovian

From No. 8, Spring 1982 (Vladimir Nabokov Research Newsletter)

Professor Nabokov: A Review Essay

by Stephen Jan Parker

One may presume that with the appearance of Lectures on Russian Literature (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich & Bruccoli Clark, New York, 1981), following Lectures on Literature (1980), the public has now been given what is expected to be the complete record of Vladimir Nabokov's classroom teachings. . . Read more

Featured Scholarly "Note" of the Month

1948 Newspaper Column, Source for Lolita

From Matthew Roth: Late last year, I was digging around and found this source for much of the Beardsley Star "Column for Teens" that appears in Part 2, Chapter 8 of Lolita. Nabokov borrowed most of the text from a 14 May 1948 column by Elizabeth Woodward. The copy I found was published in the Dayton Herald. I'm including the text below. The capitalized text represents phrases borrowed by VN and the brackets represent VN's slight changes to the column's actual wording. Read more

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