Invitation Commentary now in English

Submitted by stephen_blackwell on Mon, 07/29/2019 - 19:02

A "beta" English version of Olga Skonechnaia's voluminous commentary to Invitation to a Beheading is now available (click here to see).  

The Commentary in Russian (made to the Russian Symposium edition) by Olga Skonechnaia has been translated by Hugh Zimmerbaum, and the translation edited by Stephen Blackwell.  Formatting of citations and translation of some sources remains incomplete, as does some cross-referencing of these notes, but improvements will continue. Please do not make online edits to this page while this notice remains at its head; they may not be preserved, as the master file is being polished elsewhere, and this entire page will be replaced when all planned refinements are completed. It seemed worthwhile to make this invaluable commentary available now, even in this not-quite-perfect form.  The Society is deeply grateful to Olga Skonechnaia for making these extensive annotations available for the site, and to Hugh Zimmerbaum for his careful and generous work on the translation.  Any major corrections and additions should be sent to Stephen Blackwell.