Meyer, Priscilla. Igor, Ossian, and Kinbote: Nabokov's Nonfiction as Reference Library. 1988

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Igor, Ossian, and Kinbote: Nabokov's Nonfiction as Reference Library

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Slavic Review
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v. 47, no. 1
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It is becoming apparent as research sets out the points of contact among Vladimir Nabokov's works that Nabokov deliberately designed his total oeuvre as a spiral that finds ever-widening patterns in the weave of the universe. We are beginning to see how Nabokov combines the passion of natural scientific investigation and the cool distance of literary creation in his art; from reading his commentaries to Pushkin's Eugene Onegin and The Song of Igor's Campaign, we understand how he interprets literary texts through the accumulation of precise detail anchored in fact. Just as the evolution of natural species involves tracing migration and patterns of mimicry, a literary work may be investigated through the evolution of its cultural history.