Vladimir Nabokov

Boyd, Brian. Metafizika Nabokova: Retrospektivy i perspektivy. 2001

Bibliographic title
Metafizika Nabokova: Retrospektivy i perspektivy
Collection editor
Periodical or collection
Peterburgskie chteniia (Nabokovskii vestnik)
Periodical issue
v. 6
Publication year

Translated into Chinese by Wang Hongzhang. “Na Bo Ke Fu De Xing Shang Xue --- Hui Gu Yu Zhan Wang", “Nabokov’s Metaphysics: Retrospects and Prospects”), E Luo Si Wen Yi/ Russkie Literatura i Iskusstvo Russian Literature and Arts, 2019: 2, 4-15


A discussion of the importance of Nabokov's metaphysics in his work, and the importance of things other than his metaphysics: his epsitemologu, ethics, politics, psychology, and style.