Boyd, Brian. Annotations to Ada. 1993-

Bibliographic title
Annotations to Ada
Periodical or collection
The Nabokovian (print) and
Publication year

Annotations to Ada, from instalment 1 (Spring 1993, Nabokovian 30) to instalment 40 (Spring/Fall 2015, Nabokovian 74) in the print Nabokovian (now available on this website), and from 2018 on this website only (up to instalment 45, to Part 2 Chapter 2).

From instalment 3, includes as well as line-by-line annotations a Forenote, describing that chapter's role in a first reading of Ada, and an Afternote, describing the chapter's role in an expert rereading of the novel.

The print instalments are superseded by the versions on AdaOnline, which are updated and corrected with the help of readers, are hyperlinked to the text of the novel, and to illustrations and motifs.

Light annotations to the remainder of the novel are available here.