Bliumbaum, Arkady. Marginalia to The Gift: The Public Prosecutor Shchyogolev. 2008

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Marginalia to The Gift: The Public Prosecutor Shchyogolev
Periodical or collection
Nabokov Online Journal
Periodical issue
v. 2
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In Russian.


The note fills in on the figure of Zina's father-in-law, Shchyogolev. While in his commentary on the novel Alexander Dolinin has related the name of that character to the Pushkin scholar P. E. Shchyogolev, his occupation as a "public prosecutor" (prokuror) has not been seen as related to this prototype. Bliumbaum finds a likely connection in the use of overtly juridical language in P. E. Shchyogolev's 1927-28 polemic against Vladislav Khodasevich's biographical reading of Pushkin's Rusalka.