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Subject: Re: Spelling of Anna Karenina. Responses from Aksenov & Diment
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 13:29:15 -0500
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on 11/21/01 1:20 PM, D. Barton Johnson at chtodel@gte.net wrote:

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> It is actually even more inconsistent that that! In Chapter 4, Pnin,
> indeed, refers to it as _Anna Karenina_ but in Chapter 5 (3), Pnin's
> compatriot, Bolotov, says: "You know... I am re-reading _Anna Karenin_
> for
> the seventh time..."
> Galya Diment

I am sorry but my text got left out somehow.  Thank you.


on 11/20/01 10:56 PM, D. Barton Johnson at chtodel@gte.net wrote:

> EDITOR's NOTE.  In response to the below, I checked both the 1st edition
> of PNIN and the  Library of America edition, now the most  authoritative
> source.  While it is true VN objected to the  -A forms of  "Karenin" (in
> English usage),
he used or OK'ed "Karenina" for PNIN. I thin someelse

> has remarked that "Consistency is the bugaboo of small minds."

Even more so perhaps of those small minds that seek it out everywhere (hate
to admit it :).  I wonder though if this Russianism was meant to accentuate
Pnin's attachment to the dear world of Russian literature in spite of him
existing now in a different linguistic context (where one is expected to say
Karenin).  As Galya pointed out, Bolotov is more exact.  Maybe he has no
trouble integrating into the new world?