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Dear Mikhail,

        I actually very much doubt there was a certain person -- rather
than a type -- who served as a model. In all my research on VN and Pnin in
particular, I have not found any lead that could be helpful to you. Galya

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Subject: Query re PNIN's lidia vinogradov

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> In Pnin, Chapter 5, there is a mention of "Lidia Vinogradov, the
> well-known feminist and social worker", with whom her niece, Varvara
> Bolotov (the wife of the "seedy philosopher" Bolotov) escaped from Russia
> to Western Europe. This is on or around p.120 in the Vintage edition.
> Could someone who is familiar with the history of Russian feminism perhaps
> offer an educated guess as to who might be the prototype for "the
> well-known feminist" ? Expectedly enough, a cursory search on the web did
> not turn up any names that sound (to me) anything like Lidia Vinogradov.
> M.