EDNOTE: People who have taught these books might have an especially good idea of student reaction. From years of teaching ADA to undergrads, I suspect a great many do not finish the book (in part, of course, because it is long) but un part through frustration. I hope this query draws wide response. The results could be interestesting, albeit, impressionistic.
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Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 12:30 AM
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Dear All,
For my research I need some emotional amateur reader reactions and opinions on Ada, Transparent Things and Look at the Harlequins.
In brief, I'm interested in the following questions. What is the reaction to the foreign words, textual traps, authorial game? What stays in the memory after reading? How often do you use  a commentary (if there is one) and why do you need it?  Do the novels add to your knowledge of Russia or the US? What do you feel when reading Nabokov?
Please, write in English/Russian to jsbk@bk.ru
Thank you for sharing.
Julia Bogatikova.
St. Petersburg State University.