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Subject: Pale Fire: Boyd/Alexander/Kunin Thread
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 08:19:06 -0700
From: Thomas Nguyen <thomasnguyen25@HOTMAIL.COM>

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I recently resumed checking this list and was pleased to see that criticism of Brian
Boyd's reading of Pale Fire continues to arise.   Last year, I posted my senior thesis
which provides a discussion of Boyd's reading and a possible alternative way of
approaching the novel.   Due to some difficulties with a computer virus, I believe
some people were reluctant to open the file and I received no responses to the
paper as a result.

My findings support, in part, Victoria Alexander's review of Boyd's book, and goes on
to provide a more structured approach to the novel focusing more on the actual
process of interpretation and question forming.  I have reposted it on my website in
pdf format for review.  You may view it at:


I would appreciate any comments from people interested in this ongoing discussion.
In particular, Dave Andrews, who made the following statement, should see that I as
well share his view of the general trends of Nabokov criticism:

"p.s.--this whole Boyd-Alexander affair, of which I have read the whole, is sad. There
is no reason for this type of nastiness. Has anyone on this listserve ever pointed out
EXPLICITLY how Nabokovians have both reputations for being acolytes and
particular reputations for petty sniping? Here you see the reason. Perhaps the
"Master's" example need not always be followed. "

Thomas Nguyen