EDNOTE. The term "poultry" (<pulle 'hen') can refer to any barnyard bird or game bird such as pheasants, etc. There is, indeed, a considerable bird motif in PF, although few qualify as poultry. Perhaps the author(s?) of the Translexicalia pastiche are not well informed on avaian matters. Also, Carolyn, Kunin,   I'm sure you've noticed that Shade's mother , Carolyn Lukin, was a bird artist and his father an ornithologist.
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Subject: Where oh where are the Pale Fire poultry?

From: Grigori Utgof [utgof@tpu.ee]
> Have anyone seen the parody on Pale Fire published in Translexicalia?
I have now, but am puzzled by the following:

" A farcical prison play full of poultry, dogs, nuns, girls, boys, authors, critics, victims, assassins and sad, gray ghosts."

As a lover of poultry, I want to know where are the poultry in Pale Fire? I don't think swans count as poultry, do they? Perhaps in Zembla they do?

Carolyn Kunin