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EDNOTE. Looking for the perfect gift for that Nabokophile friend? For the hard-core Nabokovian, a subscription to NABOKOV STUDIES, is recommended. For the Nabokov-reading masses, membership in the Vladimir Nabokov Society is semi-obligatory. This brings you two issues of THE NABOKOVIAN as well as membership in the Society. For information on joining the Society and/or subscribing to NABOKOV STUDIES, visit ZEMBLA at:
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NABOKOV STUDIES, the annual journal of the International Vladimir
Nabokov Society, appeared in 2002. Individual USA subscriptions are
$25.50 a year ($65 for three years); Overseas subscribers add $4 per
volume. Institutional subscriptions are $35.50 per year domestic and
$39.50 overseas. Send your check (US funds, please, drawn on a US bank
or a bank with overseas representation) to Zoran Kuzmanovich, Editor,
NABOKOV STUDIES, Department of English, Davidson College, Davidson,
North Carolina 28036


TABLE of CONTENTS (for volume 6)

Editor's Introduction




David Andrews
Varieties of Determinism: Nabokov among Rorty, Freud, and Sartre

Elena Sommers
The "Right" versus the "Wrong" Child: Shades of Pain in Bend Sinister and

David Galef
Nabokov in Fat City

Marina von Hirsch
The Presence of Nabokov in Bitov's Fiction: Bitov and Nabokov, Bitov on
Nabokov, Nabokov in Bitov

Savely Senderovich and Yelena Shvartz
The Juice of Three Oranges: An Exploration of Nabokov's Language and World

Samuel Schuman
Hyperlinks, Chiasmus, Vermeer and St. Augustine: Models of Reading Ada

Liana Ashenden
Ada's Erotic Entomology

Kurt Johnson
Recognizing Nabokov's Legacy in Science: Where We Are Today, Where We Go
>From Here


Brian Boyd
Azure Afterthoughts: Reflections on Nabokov's Pale Fire


Gavriel Shapiro: Delicate Markers. Reviewed by Stephen H. Blackwell.

Christine Raguet-Bouvart: Vladimir Nabokov: La Poetique du masque. Reviewed
by Jeff Edmunds.

Maxim D. Shrayer: The World of Nabokov's Stories. Reviewed by Galya Diment.

Stephen H. Blackwell: Zina's Paradox. Reviewed by Paul D. Morris.

Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates: Nabokov's Blues. Reviewed by Robert Dirig.

Dieter E. Zimmer. A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and
  Moths 2001. Reviewed
         by Brian Boyd.

Brian Boyd: Nabokov's Pale Fire. Reviewed by Charles Nicol.

Julian W. Connolly, editor: Nabokov and his Fiction: New Perspectives.
Reviewed by Michael Wood.

David Andrews: Aestheticism, Nabokov and Lolita. Reviewed by Christian Hunt.

The Centennial Omnibus. Review Essay by Zoran Kuzmanovich.