> I may be mistaken, but isn't the Korean with whom Hazel sits on football days
> a former nun, and therefore a women?
Carolyn: it may not affect your analysis, but you are mistaken on several
assumptions, as other listers may have already pointed out (as with CK's, my
comments may not follow a strict temporal tempo!)
"Mostly alone she'd be, or with that nice [ll 341 - 343]
"Frail roommate, NOW a NUN; and, once or twice,
"With a Korean BOY who took my course." [my CAPS]
It's rather sad, or maybe not, that CK supplies no overt notes to any of the
lines between 334 and 347. At least we are left to ponder the scene free
from CK's 'distortions.' Anyroad, Hazel's frail roommate was not a 'former'
nun in the recorded scene -- she BECOMES a nun between the time of the scene
and the time when Shade writes his recalls. This fact might be worthy of
further intro- or extra-spection. The option for the unmarriageable or
unloved? "Get thee to a nunnery?" Did Hazel's friend discuss the fears of
'OLD maidenship?' Did Hazel's 'suicide' prompt her friend to seek solace in
the ever-lovin' arms of Jesus?
Stan Kelly-Bootle

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