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Re: [NABOKV-L] Fw: Skaters, frost and oozy plums
Andrew Brown <as-brown@comcast.net>
Sun, 26 Nov 2006 12:22:45 -0500
Vladimir Nabokov Forum <NABOKV-L@listserv.ucsb.edu>


I owe you a humble apology which I sincerely offer you here. I enjoyed remembering and writing about my father and father-in-laws stunts as just two among many many youngsters who raced out at night to “jump the channel.”

And then I guess I didn’t feel like stopping writing, so I proceeded to play the fool. I’m sorry.  At least you can always have confidence that when List correspondents read Jansy’s stuff and Andrew Brown’s stuff, there can be little confusion about which one is the more serious party.

Besides my apology, let me add one bit of information I remembered after posting. “Jumping the Channel” was only officially banned, with police action taken against scofflaw kids and parents having to promise judges their kids wouldn’t do it again, with the onset of WWII.  Uncle Sam decided he had other uses for young men with zero fear of danger.

I read Orlando myself once and enjoyed it but, aside from Floss, which unquestionably places Virginia Woolf alongside of — possibly ahead of -- Jack London as the veritable “best of show” among dog story authors, I don’t think I’ve read any of V. Woolf’s work since.

Now, you know that I’m teasing you again but I’ll apologize a second time anyway.

Best wishes,


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