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Those of you receiving the latest issue of The Nabokovian may have read my note about Sabine Baring-Gould's book Family Names and Their Story, which provided Nabokov with names and/or character details for Fleur de Fyler, Harfar Baron Shalksbore, Joseph Lavender, the Bretwits, Caroline Lukin, and Campbell/Beauchamp.  I woud like to make a small addition.  In the same passage where Kinbote explains the derivation of Lukin, he says, "Other names derive from professions such as Rymer, Scrivener, Limner (one who illuminates parchments)..." etc.  On page 112 of Baring-Gould's book, Rymer and Scrivener are given as adjacent entries. Rymer means "a reciter of poems and ballads." For Scrivener, Baring-Gould writes, "In the castle or hall the illiterate noble or Lord of the Manor was obliged to employ a writer, to put down his accounts, arrange contracts in writing with his tenants, and do his general correspondence. As a surname we have both Scri vener  and Scribner."  On page 141, instead of Limner, Baring-Gould gives us Limmer, "an artist who decorates manuscripts." Alas, Baring-Gould does not give an entry for Botkin.
Matt Roth

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