In response to Matt Roth's comment, I'd like to point out the probably deliberate irony of this interview's structure: immediately after claiming that "creative work" is the "clearest revelation of personality," Nabokov goes on to demonstrate how his own most recent work has been anything but clear to its readers--listing no less than five unnoticed "plums" that he hopes will "help the reader to enjoy my work better."  It looks to me like a case of crypsis: an attempt to appear to assert the obvious belonging of his work to the genre of the novel ("it's about people and personalities, like all novels", he seems to be saying), while simultaneously challenging the very notion of a "clear revelation" of anything, especially personality--he's not Kinbote, he's Botkine-- (like the "simple" and "sincere" pilloried in his lectures and interviews).

Stephen Blackwell

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