In a message dated 28/05/2008 19:35:45 GMT Standard Time, jansy@AETERN.US writes:
A real scientist would search for other numerical references ( twelve, fourteen, twenty, ninety-two...) but I rest my case without having gone further than my own  "forty winks"... A terrible woman aged forty, or a man? Forty diamonds, forty lies, forty thieves?
And from "Signs and Symbols":
<< Her husband, who in the old country had been a fairly successful businessman, was now wholly dependent on his brother Isaac, a real American of almost forty years standing. They seldom saw him and had nicknamed him " the Prince." >>
Please forgive my delay in getting back to this List to report after the seminar of Sunday 11 May. I have had some unexpected and unwelcome distractions. But I will be back soon, and would like the discussion of "Signs and Symbols" to resume.
Anthony Stadlen 

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