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Probably the short-storyt "Natasha", recently published by "The New Yorker", has been translated into various other languages. Here we have it in Portuguese, translated by Dauster, with commentaries by the editors who underline "the special treat" offered to the Brazilian reader. It was published in the October issue of "Piauí" no.25.
In the general index we read: A rare treat: the metaphysical and visionary experience of a Russian damsel, in a short-story kept in the archives of the American Library of Congress until the beginning of the year, 31 years after the death of its author.
Under a different, among "contributing authors of this issue": Vladimir Nabokov [Natasha,p.94], Russian wwriter ( 1899-1977), author of Lolita.... (  and, underneath a pugilist VN: "Nabokov during his first trip to the otherworld" - "Nabokov em sua primeira viagem ao Além").
The translator wrote a short introduction, mentioning the 52 short-stories published while VN was living ( 41 in Russian, one in French, later translated by the author and his son Dmitri, plus 10 in English) and a new collection, organized in 1995 by Véra Nabokov and Dmitri, totallizing 65 stories. "Natasha" was not included and has been brought to light only this year.  
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