MC: Your revelations concerning Charlotte Hayes are interesting indeed. Now that I've done some Googling, I see that CH was "the most famous madam of her day" and particularly was known for her stable of "Nymphs." Here are a few links of interest:
Here, we see CH taking in Emily Warren, a girl not quite twelve years old, and making her part of her brothel:"charlotte+hayes"&lr=&ei=9tpXSd_YH5X8ygSWjP2IBw#PPA277,M1"charlotte+hayes"&lr=&ei=9tpXSd_YH5X8ygSWjP2IBw#PPA277,M1
And a poem:"charlotte+hayes"&lr=&ei=_t1XSaiLDYfCzgTsm9i3DQ
As for the source of the French text, it seem likely that it is this:
Nocturnal Revels or, The History of King's Place and other Modern Nunneries, 2 vols. London: Printed by M. Goadby, 1779.
See here:"nocturnal+revels"&lr=&ei=sd5XSanWIYagyATnot3SDQ#PPA161,M1
Matt Roth
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