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... With a little ingenuity not God but we humans can do it [derive 1 from 0]
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Recalling VN’s statement quoted recently by Jansy that ONE is the only real number, and everything else comes from addition,  you may see some contradictions afoot. Was Kaplan aware of VN’s assertion: VN the poet/wordmaster but not, on this occasion, the mathematician able to see the beauty of 0 playing the prime role he assigns to 1? Was VN aware of the Salem Codex? The irony will escape the many non-mathematicians on our list, I fear.

Stan Kelly-Bootle
Another VN (Von Neumann) derived all the natural numbers (1,2,3,...) from zero by set theory thus:
1 = {0), 2 = [0, 1}, 3 = {0, 1, 2}, etc.
where {a, b, ...} denotes the set containing a, b, ... .
In other words, 1 is the set containing zero, 2 is the set containing zero and 1, etc.
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