A.Sklyarenko:I didn't notice horns in "Corneville." The "corny issue" of cuckolding is also emphasised in connection to Tobak, Cordula's first husband ("Will you cooperate with me in cornuating your husband?" "Antlers can be very sensitive when new"...
Fran Assa: Since we are allusion hunting in Ada and others, has anyone noticed any additional allusions to H.G. Wells?  Alexey was kind enough to offer The Late Mr. Elvesham.  Much obliged.
J.MI join Fran's thanks for the reference to "The Late Mr. Elvesham." 
In relation to those "corny" indicators I deduce, from you example ("cornuating") that VN was familiar with horns, corns and antlers...
In the Brazilian slang we also use "corneando," but not like VN applied it in English, for there's not a precise correspondence to verbs such as "to betray" ( and "to cuckold", perhaps). Cordula's invitation would be formulated, word by word, as: "will you cooperate with me to cornuate your husband?" After the act, though, she might say: "I'm cornuating my husband," although it demands at least two participants to be achieved.
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