ginkgo biloba
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It's interesting too that in Ada the ginkgo leaf appears as a symbol of connection--on page 7, when it falls out of Aqua's otherworldly book-gift to Van, The Truth about Terra (she had received the leaf from the Chinese Student?); and when Van despairs of seeing Ada again, via the Maidenhair (=ginkgo) train station on pp. 299-300; and it is part of one of their meetings in part three ch. 8 (p. 522, with thanks to AdaOnline).
Stephen Blackwell

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In his Commentary (note to line 49) Kinbote quotes a quatrain from Shade's poem "The Sacred Tree":
The ginkgo leaf, in golden hue, when shed,
A muscat grape,
Is an old-fashioned butterfly, ill-spread,
In shape.
Here is Goethe's poem "Ginkgo Biloba" from "The West-Eastern Divan":
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