Someone in the List inquired about Nabokov's letters to Vera. In the video offered in the site below there's a promise that they'll be published in English in 2011.
Below is the link, plus other items that came together and are related to Nabokov.
Nabokov Love Letters To Be Published This Weekend (VIDEO) Posted 11.18.2010 | Books

Vladimir Nabokov, controversial author of "Lolita," left behind a legacy of over 300 letters to his beloved wife of 52-years, Vera. The Russian langua...

Flavor Wire | Posted 11.24.2010 | Books


The New Yorker | Ian Frazier | Posted 08.22.2010 | Books

Nabokov was also a professor of literature, and in his copy of the New Yorker anthology he gave every story a letter grade. The way he wrote each grad...

Nabokov vs. Hemingway, Byron vs. Keats, Bronte vs. Austen: The 50 Best Author vs. Author Disses Of All Time

Examiner | Michelle Kerns | Posted 06.20.2010 | Books

Something strange happened to unreliable narrators in the mid-20th century: they became a little more reliably unreliable, and a lot nastier. In the l...

Vladimir Nabokov: Rare Photos Of The "Lolita" Author (PHOTOS)

LIFE | Posted 03.18.2010 | Books

Vladimir Nabokov's never-finished novel, "The Original of Laura," has finally been published to great interest and excitement. In honor of the new pub...

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