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Subject: A Clockwork Orange Consumed at a Naked Nakobov Lunch: Anthony Burgess & William S. Burroughs, Two (More) “Strange Bookfellows” in Covert Janeism
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 18:18:53 -0400
From: Arnie Perlstein <arnieperlstein@myacc.net>
To: Vladimir Nabokov Forum <NABOKV-L@LISTSERV.UCSB.EDU>

Over the past 5 years, I have collected a steadily growing number of
instances of famous writers who have lived since JA died, who would seem
to have been unlikely Janeites, but actually were positively engaged in
some way(s) with JA’s writing.

In particular, I have written during the past year about three such
writers—Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, and Vladimir Nabokov--who are
widely believed by Austen scholars and ordinary Janeites alike to have
been hostile and/or indifferent to JA’s writing, but whom I assert were
_all_ only pretending:



Now I would like to add two more strange bookfellows to this literary
menagerie: the late Anthony Burgess, most famously the author of A
Clockwork Orange, and his friend, the late William S. Burroughs, most
famously the author of Naked Lunch.

As my explication of this discovery is not short, I am not posting it in
full here, but am merely posting a link to the full post at my blog:


I welcome any responses in this forum, by email, or at my blog.

Weston, Florida

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