Jansy Mello (14.9):...Nabokov seldom cites female novelists and poets so he probably wouldn't be referring to Lillian Hellman. What other writer besides Jane Austen and Agatha Christie did VN refer to in any of his novels? 
Alexey Sklyarenko(15.9): "In the next three stills [the photos of Van making love to Ada taken by Kim Beauharnais] la force des choses ('the fever of intercourse') had sufficiently disturbed the lush herbage to allow one to distinguish the details of a tangled composition consisting of clumsy Romany clips and illegal nelsons." (Ada, 2.7)...In one of the next stanzas (IV) of this fragmentary chapter Pushkin used the phrase siloyu veshchey (by the force of the circumstances)...VN comments on it: by the force of circumstances / siloyu veshchey: A Gallicism, par la force de choses. (EO Commentary, vol. III, p. 322)[... ] Kim Beauharnais was blinded ...Beau ("fair") + voir ("to see") = Beauvoir. Simone de Beauvoir is the author of La force de l'âge (1960) and La force des choses (1963).
Jansy Mello: In his notes to "Terror" (reprinted in "The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov"), VN mentions J-P Sartre 
"Uzhas" was written in Berlin, around 1926, one of the happiest years of my life. The Sovremennya Zapiski, the Paris emigre magazine, published it in 1927 and it was included in the first of my three collections of Russian stories, Vozvrashchenie Chorba, Slovo, Berlin, 1930. It preceded Sartre's La Nausee, with which it shares certain shades of thought, and none of that novel's fatal defects, by at least a dozen years."
It would be fun if he also mentions the novels of Simone de Beauvoir. I vaguely remember a VN-L discussion about "bien rangé,"* related to S.Beauvoir's childhood memoirs, "Mémoires d'une Jeune Fille Bien Rangée"*.
By the force of circumstances, VN either indicated S.Beauvoir herself or... resorted to a chancy "gallicisme." The link to Kim Beauharnais (name and blindness) is, for me, a bit stretched, the additional "circumstances" are awesome.
* "not only because the history of each part of the amalgam did not quite match the history of each counterpart...It was owing, among other things, to this ‘scientifically ungraspable’ concourse of divergences that minds bien rangés (not apt to unhobble hobgoblins) rejected Terra as a fad or a fantom, and deranged minds (ready to plunge into any abyss) accepted it in support and token of their own irrationality.". (ADA)
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