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Subject: Re: [NABOKV-L] fulmerlog:VN Sighting: Michael Chabon on Wes Anderson's Nabokovian Worlds
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 08:51:10 -0800
From: palefire30 <palefire30@yahoo.com>
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From Ron Rosenbaum:   

Alas I think it is Jerry Friedman who has misread Michael Chabon's misreading. Chabon doesn't say <Kinbote> tucked Zemba into the poem <or> the "housing". He didn't say Kinbote tucks any thing into anything. He says VN is the tucker, so to speak.

For clarity, for those who haven't been following closely, since I beieve the point is important, here is exactly what Chabon says in his New York Review of Books blog, first brought to the List's attention by Jansy:

 "Vladimir Nabokov, his life cleaved by exile, created a miniature version of the homeland he would never see again and tucked it, with a jeweler’s precision, into the housing of John Shade’s miniature epic of family sorrow...."

If you now try to say it's not tucked into Shade's <poem>--but into its "housing" (Kinbote's delusional exegesis) then you are saying Nabokov "tucked" Zembla into Kinbote's exegesis--or Kinbote "tucked" Zembla into Kinbote which makes no sense. "Tucked" would be precisely the wrong word for Kinbote's full, florid, blatantly mad projection of Zembla into Shade's poem in his commentary. Certainly not an example of the delicate "jeweler's precision" Chabon is trying to evoke in service of his praise of "miniaturiztion". . ---

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