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Filmmaker Michael House presents the film project "L_____'s Butterfly" and requests for support.  You can support the film at various financial levels, including pre-purchasing, via IndieGoGo, as indicated below.  The IndieGogo site includes more information about the project and about Michael House's "green .  His films have been shown on BBC, PBS, CBC, SBS and in the Telluride Film Festival.

A video describing the film, and still more information about Michael House, can be seen here:


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The film, a documentary, will include Nabokov video footage, interview material from Nabokov Museum staff, Brian Boyd, Kurt Johnson (author of Nabokov's Blues), yours truly, scientists working today on Nabokov's blues, and others.  This will be a lovely and important presentation of VN's scientific side.  Spread the word!



‘L-----’s Butterfly’ is a film I am currently making (it will be released in 2014). This film tells the story of novelist Vladimir Nabokov’s amazing work with butterflies. To pre-buy this film please go to our IndieGoGo campaign page.

Last fall I went to Saint Petersburg to research & film, that was my first visit to Russia and I was entranced by this city and the people. It is by far the most colorful metropolis I’ve ever visited. The buildings are painted vibrant colors and they reminded me of the colors on the wings of the butterflies I saw at Nabokov’s family house (now the Nabokov Museum). I am going back in a few months to film more and I am really looking forward to it, I met some wonderful ‘Nabokovians’ it was inspiring learning about Russia and Nabokov’s roots there.

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