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Carolyn Kunin [to JM]: But I'm impressed that you suspected Humbert's innocence. [  ] I hope others will join us in this quest for the guilty party. 
Jansy Mello: I needed you to say that HH might be "innocent," because my suspicions were hazy and not actually formulated ...Now you say that Humbert is Lolita's biological father? How come? 
Jansy Mello:  Although I like to use Nabokov specs, just as you do, our approaches to his novels is very different. I take no pleasure in pursuing mysterious killers, kings and queens, poltergeists, hidden jewels - but I enjoy reading other Nabler's theories, since they aid me to tease out aspects to which I've grown numb.
Take the title "Speak, Memory." It is not at all trivial (a mathematician friend loved to employ this word...), and only quite recently did its implications strike me.
Today I tried a different kind of exercise, thanks to your ponderings. If the name Stanley Tucci popped up in connection to a refilming of Lolita (he was a creepy pedophile in "Lovely Bones") should he play Humbert Humbert, or Quilty? James Mason and Jeremy Irons are deceptively charming. How about Tucci as Humbert, and Colin Firth as Quilty?
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