You are the expert here, not I. Would suppressed personalities obey the rules of chronological order? From their own point of view, I suppose they must, but from their "host"? perhaps not. And from their creator's? it's beyond me. '

I do seem to recall that Nabokov does let at least one mistake occur - the simultaneous appearance at a faculty lunch of both Shade and Kinbote. Or perhaps the error is Kinbote, an unreliable narrator - I think we all agree on that. As I recall, Don Johnson says that VN made a similar error in an earlier novel.

Escher-like, as you realized, is the key. But who came first - Escher or VN?


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JM: I got your point about “fugal time,” from this “Escher-like pattern” which, in this case, is probably related to the atemporality of the unconscious (i.e: as for example, the time enjambement of events in a dream).            
Carolyn Kunin: “Atemporality of the unconscious is a concept I had never heard of - but perhaps VN did.
Jansy Mello: One doesn’t need to know Freudian theories, nor endorse the concept of an “unconscious,” to be able to experience how certain events that took place in different epochs are often presented simultaneously in a dream, or compressed by a hallucination.
There is no reason why V.Nabokov, who voiced his ideas about time and duration in Ada, TT, aso, and who must have read James Joyce (for example) wouldn’t deliberately apply this kind of synchronization (and its intermittent break downs) as a literary resource. Besides, suppressed Kinbote and Gradus (as you consider them to be) wouldn’t cease to make their presence felt in John Shade’s mental life: would their occasional emergence obey the rules of a chronological order?

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