EDNote--OK, this really is the last one, and I'm only including it because I liked, and had toyed with myself, the idea mentioned in the last entry--though I would have named Strong Opinions instead. ~SB

Re [NABOKV-L] Greatest Fictional Character Brian Boyd
Re: [NABOKV-L] Greatest Fictional Character: Brian Boyd
piers smith <piersmsmith@yahoo.co.uk>
3/28/2014 12:56 PM
"piersmsmith@yahoo.co.uk" <piersmsmith@yahoo.co.uk>

I like Boyd's style, so:

Greatest fictional character, for depth and breadth, if not truth (too personal): Bloom, yes
Greatest fictional ensemble: The Third Policeman
Greatest fictional character, for fascination: Iago, James Durie or Conrad's Marlowe
Greatest fictional character, for memorability: Swelter or Flay in Gormenghast, or Don Quixote
Greatest semi-fictional character: Sir John Oldcastle
Greatest Nabokovian fictional character: the author of Speak, Memory

Piers Smith

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