Martin Hägglund, Dying For Time: Proust, Woolf, Nabokov Reviewed by Humberto Brito - (excerpts)Martin Hägglund develops a sustained attack on what he considers to be immortality fantasies. We might equally describe it as an attack on the belief in redemption, as it reviles the intelligibility of any "state of eternity", … [  ] This attack is based on the author's prefatory distinction between immortality and survival [  ]  Hägglund argues that wanting to be immortal is nothing but wanting to live on as a mortal. ..



Jansy Mello: A few (very few) quotes from V.Nabokov’s “ADA”and “Pale Fire” (but MH’s thesis doesn’t exactly link VN to his writings on chronophobia, as in “Speak, Memory” and “ADA”, or to Van Veen’s  “texture of time,” but to “Nabokov's depiction of the activity of writing”)  :  


ADA: “One can be a lover of Space and its possibilities: take, for example, speed, the smoothness and sword-swish of speed; the aquiline glory of ruling velocity; the joy cry of the curve; and one can be an amateur of Time, an epicure of duration. I delight sensually in Time, in its stuff and spread, in the fall of its folds, in the very impalpability of its grayish gauze, in the coolness of its continuum. I wish to do something about it; to indulge in a simulacrum of possession..”


Pale Fire: Pf                            “ I’m ready to become a floweret

                                                  Or a fat fly, but never, to forget.

                                                  And I’ll turn down eternity unless

                                                  The melancholy and the tenderness

                                                  Of mortal life; the passion and the pain;

                                                  The claret taillight of that dwindling plane

                                                  Off Hesperus [  ] …..

                                               Are found in Heaven by the newlydead

                                                Stored in its strongholds through the years.”






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