Dear real and potential members of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society:

I have been sending out email notices to current members and those who had expressed an interest, but wanted to send this catch-all to Nabokv-L subscribers in case any of my other messages got tangled up in spam filters, or if my earlier email was overlooked. 

This year's two issues will be the last for a universally printed Nabokovian (as opposed to an electronic one, which may continue).  The Spring Issue, number 72, includes the following Notes and brief Annotations:

- 'Pale Fire’s “The Land Beyond the Veil” and The Aeneid’s “The Land Which Earth Conceals”' (Gerard de Vries)
- 'Morris Bishop, His Wife, and the Mural in Pnin' (Priscilla Meyer)--with color illustrations.
- 'Pnin's Cinderella: His History' (Gery Cahill)
- A bibliographic curio by Shunichiro Akikusa
And Brian Boyd's annotations to Part I, chapter 38 of Ada--the chapter with the longest set of annotations.

Information on the The Nabokovian's future electronic format, and the Society's new Web presence, will be announced in the Spring or Fall issue this year.

Credit card payment of membership is now available; please contact me directly ( for a link to the PayPal details.

Thank you,

Stephen Blackwell
Interim Treasurer, IVNS
Interim Editor, The Nabokovian

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All private editorial communications are read by both co-editors.