Dear NabLers,

Some of you have noticed that I quietly took up my shift and relieved douty co-editor Sweeney on July 2nd.  This seems a good time to post a few reminders, and announce one new policy:

The Old:

1. Posts should always contain new information, thoughts or queries about, or relevant to, Nabokov.
2. IMPORTANT: Please delete old messages from within your replies, except appropriately brief selections relevant to your own comments. This helps reduce storage space and makes archive searching more efficient.
3. Prolific contributors should try to limit themselves to one submission a day; for the less prolific, an average of one per day is a good rule of thumb.
4. Please make sure that your message is ready to post when you send it, and try to refrain from multiple revisions and resubmissions of the same message.  The editors will only forward a message to the List once.  (If you must revise, please send a "retraction" notice to the "Contact the Editors" address and then the revised post to the list address).

And the new:

Submissions that clearly depart from list policies (e.g., quips, one-liners, cheerleading) may be suppressed without comment by the editors.

Please also note that the Editors do not endorse any opinions published on the list, and that contributors are responsible for their own comments.

Happy NabLing!

Stephen Blackwell

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All private editorial communications are read by both co-editors.