Dear Nabokovians, 

I'm co-organizing a panel for ASEEES 2015 for which we are in need of one more paper and a chair. Our proposed panel, "Paternity as Legal Fiction," will examine such issues as paternity, fathers/children, authorship as "fatherhood," heritages, and lineages. We are interested in how writers depict and/or complicate these topics through their language and texts; and how, in some cases, the author (or a character) attempts to make "legal fiction" out of the alleged fact of paternity. The two existing papers will be on Bitov (Jose Vergara) and Brodsky (Sergey Karpukhin). Eliot Borenstein will serve as discussant. 

Please contact us off-list at or — if you are interested in participating as a panelist or chair. Thanks!

All the best,

Sergey Karpukhin
PhD Candidate
Department of Slavic Languages and Literature
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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