EDNote: Robert Boyle's important interview with Nabokov appeared in Sports Illustrated in 1959, and is reprinted in Nabokov's Butterflies (Brian Boyd and Robert M. Pyle, eds.).

Two Citings of Nabokov in Analysis of Finnegans Wake
Two Citings of Nabokov in Analysis of Finnegans Wake
Robert Boyle <allocapnia@gmail.com>
2/11/2015 3:20 PM

  1. PDF expanded version of NY Times column  

  2. [PDF]Vol. 30, No. 2, Spring, 2004 - The American Museum Of Fly ...

    American Museum of Fly Fishing
    one of his own projects, Robert Boyle chanced upon an oddly familiar photo of ... the American Museum of Fly Fishing-now, we bring you the ... The Museum and journal are not respons~ble for unsolic~ted manuscnpta, drawings, photographic.

  3. You Spigotty Anglease? - The New York Times


    The New York Times
    Jul 23, 2000 - BOOKEND / By ROBERT H. BOYLE. You Spigotty Anglease? .... from the original New York Times Review of 'Finnegans Wake,' May 7, 1939.
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