Jansy Mello: In his foreword, Charles Kinbote details: “writing out [...] the text of his poem, skipping a line to indicate double space, and always using a fresh card to begin a new canto.  The “facsimile”, with its two different graphic presentations (booklet and cards), apparently shows an inconsistency or is “undecidable” when we keep following the information given by Kinbote.  (Are we to trust CK????)[ ...]  Just to report an interesting VN coincidence....
M. Aliamer As a certain professor of mine would say, quoting some novelist (Vivian something, I think) - the tracing of parallels can be a form of insanity.

Jansy Mello:  
Only when they meet?
 But I’m still thrilled by your observation because it seems to be related to editorial choices and the importance of checking VN’s original writings (or not coming across an “unreliable editor”, such as C.Kinbote).
From VN’s correspondence to different editors we know that the poem was ready before he finished writing CK’s commentaries. Did VN plan to make CK’s foreword inconsistent from the start?

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