Alexey Sklyarenko informs: “In his poem Kak v Gretsiyu Bayron – o, bez sozhalen’ya… (“Like Byron to Greece, oh, without regret…” 1928) G. Ivanov mentions blednyi ogon’ (pale fire).


Jansy Mello:  How amazing.  Are there any hints by V.Nabokov to non-Russian speaking readers about G. Ivanov?

Or didn’t V.N remember him when he has John Shade invoke Shakespeare? (here I mean the American poet Shade, not Kinbote, not Botkin…)

                                                 Dim Gulf was my first book (free verse); Night Rote

                                                  Came next; then Hebe’s Cup, my final float

                                                  In that damp carnival, for now I term

                                           960   Everything "Poems," and no longer squirm.

                                                  (But this transparent thingum does require

                                                  Some moondrop title. Help me, Will! Pale Fire.)





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