Announcement: Three Nabokov Studies prizes were announced at the Society Business Meeting in Austin on Jan. 9, 2016.  Congratulations to all finalists and winners!

-Stephen Blackwell, secretary, IVNS



The Editor and the Editorial Board of Nabokov Studies are delighted to announce the biennial Nabokov Studies prizes.  The prizes were voted on by a subset of the Nabokov Studies Editorial Board and members of the Davidson College English Department.  The winners were chosen with a view to expanding the intellectual challenge and the range of Nabokov studies as well as deepening the human and professional connections among Nabokov scholars.


The Donald Barton Johnson Prize for the best essay published in Nabokov Studies goes to


Deborah Anne Martinsen


for “Lolita as a St Petersburg Text”

The prize honors the founding editor of Nabokov Studies.


Dana Dragunoiu, “Lolita: Nabokov’s Rewriting of Dostoevski’s The Brothers Karamazov”

Keith Wilhite, “Aggressive Tendencies: Lolita and the Conscripted Reader”




The Samuel Schuman Prize for the best first book on Nabokov goes to


Julia Trubikhina


for The Translator’s Doubts: Vladimir Nabokov and the Ambiguity of Translation

The prize honors one of the founding members of the Nabokov Society and the greatest benefactor to Nabokov Studies during its lean years.


Paul Morris, Vladimir Nabokov:  Poetry and the Lyric Voice

Andrea Pitzer, The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov

Gene Bell-Villada, On Nabokov, Ayn Rand, and the Libertarian Mind

Andrew Caulton, The Absolute Solution: Nabokov's Response to Tyranny, 1938




The Kuzmanovich Family Prize for the best dissertation on Vladimir Nabokov goes to


Constantine Muravnik


for Nabokov’s Philosophy of Art.

Although this first award covers the period 2010-2015, future prizes will be awarded every two years.

At last year’s Business Meeting, graduate students from UCBerkeley, Harvard, and Texas  proposed this prize as a way of generating fresh ideas for the journal and the Society by involving incoming Nabokovians in both intellectual exchange and Society governance. A former Davidson College student donated the prize money to Nabokov Studies to honor the way Kuzmanovich’s family stuck with him through some trying times. The prize honors all members of the Kuzmanovich family who saw fit to fund Nabokov Studies when the Nabokov Society did not.



Mariya D. Lomakhina, Vladimir Nabokov and Women Writers

Marijeta Bozovic, From Onegin to Ada: Nabokov's Canon and the Texture of Time

Cong Yin,  Un-concealing Vladimir Nabokov/The Literary Reputations of Eileen Chang and Vladimir Nabokov



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